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Welcome to LA. The Nintendo DS LJ Community of Los Angeles, that is.

There are gamers in Los Angeles. You just don't see them. We come out at night. During the day we are at the beach, or the mall, or at work, or studying in one of our prestigious schools. Usually at night, we enjoy visiting our many bars, live music venues & dance-clubs. But sometimes, a lot of times, we make time for our games.

We're still gamers. We love games. Table-top. Console. Computer gaming. It doesn't matter what the platform. We're still all gamers.

Nintendo released the DS in the winter of 2004. Some of us know and understand that Nintendo equals GAMING. And that Nintendo means FUN. This community is dedicated to Nintendo DS gamers in Los Angeles.

FAQ - Please Read

Why a local group?

Los Angeles is too large and has too many ZIP codes for themodgods.com or linkupengine.com to work well. Those sites work great in other states and towns. Those places only have a few ZIP codes. But not LA, NY or any densely populated area. Within 5 miles of my house are about 10 Zip codes. Yes, I live in LA.

While I don't have a problem being the central pointman for organizing an event in LA. You cannot expect me to collect IMs, Cell numbers & emails of everyone that is interested. You're also insane to think that I would IM, call and/or email each and every one of you. If there were only 3 or 4 of you, I would. But guess what? I already have 3 or 4 friend that I play with. I'm thinking on a much larger scale for this. I'm talking dozens if not hundreds.

Some of the general communities don't like Local Only information. For some reason everyone gets upset when someone posts something of LOCAL interest. I know this first hand, because I got scolded a few times, by the largest nintendo DS community on LJ, nintendo_ds. Yes, I got scolded because I posted local information. That was the main reason I started the local group.

Isn't there enough clutter from nintendo_ds?

Some people complain that their email gets cluttered with all the daily emails. They just need to turn OFF email notification. Another trick is to only JOIN the community but don't add as a friend. Some people don't know they can do that. JOIN, but uncheck the ADD TO FRIENDS box.

But, why a LOCAL group?

The best way to organize information is to have a CENTRAL location for people that are interested to visit. A Local Community is the only way that it will work. I know this out of experience. I've created and ran several communities, ranging from gamers to drunks.

Basically, the Local Group, nds_la or ds_oc, is for Local info, like meets, local sales, etc. The General NDS group, nintendo_ds, is where you get all your latest news and stuff that is universal.

In reality, it is actually more organized this way. Visit the local community whenever you want to find out about LOCAL information. To see if there is a local meet coming up, etc. Visit the general community daily to keep up with the latest in nintendo DS information.