June 20th, 2005

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Hey all, I'm guessing some of you have heard of the big video game music thing that's going on at the Hollywood Bowl on July 6th (and if you haven't here's the link). This would be a great night to have a meetup before and hell, even during the event. My memory is a little hazy as far as the size of the Hollywood Bowl goes, but if we can all manage to agree on a general seating area so that we can stay in wireless radius during the show, that'd be great. That is of course, if there's enough people that want to go. I'm sure there'll be plenty of other people with DS's there too so it'd be a great night for some music and some gaming. Here's the program and ticket prices (1'd prefer sections $16 and under but that's just me...):

A live concert event featuring full orchestra and choir performing music from the greatest video games, plus laser and light sequences, video clips, live characters, and a special segment dedicated to retro arcade classics!
Games scheduled to be included are:
Metal Gear Solid®
Final Fantasy®
Medal of HonorTM
Tomb Raider®
Advent Rising
Beyond Good & EvilTM
Splinter Cell®
Ghost ReconTM
Rainbow Six®
EverQuest® II
Donkey Kong®

Single Ticket Prices for This Event:

Garden Box
Terrace Box
Benches D E G2 J2
Benches F K
Benches M N
Benches L P
Benches Q R S T U
Benches W
Benches V, X
Sold Out