January Meet...

Anyone interested in having another LAN party this month? (Last months went SOOO WELL!!11.. 8 player ALL CUP TOUR in Mario Kart!!! so awesome.)

Any suggestions where?

How about when?

How now brown cow...

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UPDATE: Sunday, December 4TH, 2005 @ Mr. T's Bowl

How does 6PM start sound? A Grateful Dead cover band is playing at 9PM, plus it's a Sunday Night and a lot of you prolly have to work the next morning.

What say ye?

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DS Multiplay & Drink

First Annual nds_la Winter Special

Sunday, December 4TH, 2005

@ Mr. T's Bowl

*note- it was previously posted as Sunday the 3rd. It's still Sunday, but it's the 4th.

Bring your DS, all your games, and some cash for booze. Time to be determined. There is free wireless, so bring your laptop if you got one. Bring your mod/flash/wifi me's with you and your dev games if you got them.

Mr.T's Bowl is located at 5621 1/2 N Figueroa St, Highland Park, CA 90042

If you don't have Mariokart DS, I highly recommend you get it.

Mario Kart!

everyone tuning up on their skills? we should definitely have something going soon. play online from your home? but what's the fun in that! LA vs OC!? j/k maybe? but yeah, let's invade a place and take it over.

An LA meet?

Seriously now, anyone up for a DS meet. I know, there are tons of things we can be doing with our time in LA. I know, it's the CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE and all, but still, I'd like to play some Multiplayer DS Gaming.


They suffer, they fight

That's business as usual...

I have to say, if it isn't obvious, I just don't have the time to organize DS meets. I know, i'm not doing a very good job at being a good host in such a prestigious town like our own humble Los Angeles. But if you have ever tried to organize an event here in LA, you know that herding Los Angelenos is like herding Anarchists. It's next to impossible.

This is what I propose, someone just do it. Alex, I nominate you. But, I'm just the founder of the community, not the President, CEO or Minister. I just created it.
"...The Video Game Music thing at the Hollywood Bowl was a GREAT IDEA..."
So someone get this thing going. I can offer my experience organizing events, that's about it. I can't pick dates, I can't phone people and I don't have the time to put my heart and soul into it like I used to. I'll consult, for free, but I can't run it. I'll attend it when I can, and so will my fairly large group of DS owning friends.

Here is one of my first suggestions, and it's an obvious one, lump the meet with some other event. Such as an opening day of a movie, theaterr or other venue. Something that will tie us together besides our DS. There is a gaming convention in Burbank at the end of the month. There are also a ton of movies coming out that we can all go to. Something. The Video Game Music thing at the Hollywood Bowl was a GREAT IDEA. I couldn't make it, I wonder if any of you did?

Another thing we can do to get people thinking more about it is to get people to join. So please tell all your friends that have or plan on getting DSs to join the community.

I also have a question, do any of you think that this LJ Community is too restrictive? Because if there is demand or interest I can create an email-list, or a Bulletin Board/Forum. I think this community can be used as a tool, but shouldn't be the primary tool. Not everyone is on LJ but everyone has email (that is anybody) and pretty much everyone can read and post on an BB/Forum. Thoughts?
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Greetings from behind the Orange Curtain.

ds_oc is having a meet tonight in Lake Forest at Diedrich's Coffee - 7pm

Diedrich's Coffee
22621 Lake Forest Dr
Lake Forest, CA (Map)
(949) 837-4555

Come on by if you can make it. Nice outdoor area. Lots of chairs and tables.

AIM: mobileegon
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Hey all, I'm guessing some of you have heard of the big video game music thing that's going on at the Hollywood Bowl on July 6th (and if you haven't here's the link). This would be a great night to have a meetup before and hell, even during the event. My memory is a little hazy as far as the size of the Hollywood Bowl goes, but if we can all manage to agree on a general seating area so that we can stay in wireless radius during the show, that'd be great. That is of course, if there's enough people that want to go. I'm sure there'll be plenty of other people with DS's there too so it'd be a great night for some music and some gaming. Here's the program and ticket prices (1'd prefer sections $16 and under but that's just me...):

A live concert event featuring full orchestra and choir performing music from the greatest video games, plus laser and light sequences, video clips, live characters, and a special segment dedicated to retro arcade classics!
Games scheduled to be included are:
Metal Gear Solid®
Final Fantasy®
Medal of HonorTM
Tomb Raider®
Advent Rising
Beyond Good & EvilTM
Splinter Cell®
Ghost ReconTM
Rainbow Six®
EverQuest® II
Donkey Kong®

Single Ticket Prices for This Event:

Garden Box
Terrace Box
Benches D E G2 J2
Benches F K
Benches M N
Benches L P
Benches Q R S T U
Benches W
Benches V, X
Sold Out

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If you guys see any place in LA selling Rogue Agent tomorrow, please let me know! I want it asap but most stores are saying Tuesday or Wednesday but I know some will be selling it tomorrow, they just gotta...